LaNeta Move

Welcome LaNeta members!

This wiki page covers plans, schedule and expectations for accommodating LaNeta members into May First/People Link.

Initial stage


LaNeta requested support on September 8th to May First/People Link to ensure the provision of the services to its community, facing the imminent shutdown of its ISP activity. The reasons where both financial difficulties and insufficient technical staff. Enrique had resigned as Operations Coordinator on August 25th and agreed to transfer his responsibilities during September.

LaNeta members can be described as organizations+individuals using some kind of resource under and domains, organizations+individuals hosting their own domains on a shared server and organizations who have their own server administrated by LaNeta.

MFPL messages sent to LaNeta's community

Process for opt-in

Starting in November Enrique will get in touch with all former LaNeta users who have domain names under LaNeta's registration, so they get full control of them.

LaNeta members who have made payments in advance will continue to receive services until the expiration of commitments made to LaNeta. November payments will go to LaNeta, however MFPL is in the process of negotiating receipt of a portion of November payments to offset the commitment promised to LaNeta members that MFPL will be assuming.

LaNeta members who have to renew services or have already pending dues will be given a deadline of December 31, 2011 to either join May First/People Link or move to another provider.

LaNeta members will express their decision to join May First/People Link by filling in the MFPL Join Us form.

LaNeta members who have not joined MFPL by December 31 and have not notified us that they have moved to another provider will be contacted again in early January. Absent contact by January 15, their services will be disabled, and then removed on January 31.

There is a special case of dual membership: LaNeta members (both organizations + individuals) who are using email accounts with the domain are quite important from the political perspective and LaNeta agreed that May First/People Link will administer email accounts using this domain.

Dues structure

During 2012, former LaNeta members and new Mexican members will pay:

  • $40/year for individual memberships
  • $80/year for organization memberships

Starting in 2013:

  • $50/year for individual memberships
  • $100/year for organization memberships

Integrating Spanish into Tech support process

Phase 1: Enrique will continue providing Spanish language support to former LaNeta members in the manner that support has been provided up to now. Enrique will use the #mayfirst IRC channel and the ticket tracking system to request help from other MFPL support team members.

Phase 2: Once the ticket tracking system has reached an acceptable level of internationalization, all members who prefer Spanish will be asked to request support like all MFPL members by submitting tickets. Ross, as support queue butler, will assign tickets based on matching the linguistic and technical capacity of the support team member with the issue being raised.

Full integration of Spanish language in MFPL processes will be an on-going process. We expect Spanish language support for the ticket system and the control panel to take most of 2012 to complete. We are fully committed politically to being a bi-lingual organization, however, it will take time before we have reached that goal and we will depend on the patience and understanding of our Spanish-only members as we make this transition.


Enrique will manage a Mexican bank account to collect dues payments. Enrique will transfer a single lump sum from the bank account to MFPL's bank account once a month. Enrique will provide Hilary with bank statements so Hilary can track membership dues payments.

Enrique will be paid $800 per month for November and December to assist with the move (this is based on $20/hour - same rate that Hilary and Ross make - and covers the equivalent of 5 full days of labor per month). In addition, Enrique will have access to up to $200 for printed materials and other miscellaneous expenses to assist him in his work for MFPL.

In early January we will evaluate an appropriate rate moving forward based on number of Spanish language members who have joined, estimated support work-load, and estimate additional income from former LaNeta members.

Transferring data from LaNeta's Canadian servers to MFPL servers

Please see the technical details

Internationalizing MFPL

Currently, all MFPL communication happens in English. It will take a lot of time before we have developed systems to properly adjust to a bi-lingual organization. We have organized an initial team and have scheduled a phone call with MFPL member Roberto Tijerina (the organizer who organized language interpretation for the U.S. Social Forum) in order to start that process.

  • Primary web site
  • Support web site
  • Official communications (Lowdowns, Service advisories/warnings, etc.)
  • Meetings and meeting notes

Leadership Committee

MFPL's strategy and political direction has, up to now, been largely determined by the political situation in the United States. We will need to adjust our strategies and outlooks to bring in the political realities facing Mexico and to incorporate these new members in our activities and thinking.

Development of MFPL Mexico

  • Join support team sessions
  • Techie travel exchange (is gonna be great to know you guys and have you hosted here)

Final stage: LaNeta Move at the end of the transition

Messages to send to members / Mensajes a enviar a los miembros

  • Invitación a sumarse (para quienes no son miembros y todavía usan nuestra infraestructura)
  • Fin de la transición, creación de la Cooperativa Tecnológica (mensaje político)
  • Aviso técnico sobre el uso del nuevo servidor, con el procedimiento para el cambio de configuraciones
  • Aviso administrativo con relación a la nueva cuenta bancaria para realizar el depósito de sus cuotas
  • Revisión del contenido de los mensajes automáticos enviados por:
  • Nueva fecha - Fin de la transición Nueva fecha para realizar estos cambios tiene como límite el 28 de junio
  • Notificación sobre la mudanza de todos los buzones de las cuentas de correo activas a sus correspondientes servidores.
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