Oct 22, 2018: Today

1:02 PM Ticket #14164 (Expired Let's Encrypt SSL cert for our site) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/ortxgc.bai.luigi
fixed: Thanks, works now.
1:43 AM Ticket #14165 (redireccion incorrecta) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/la-que-arde
Hola buen día, tengo un problema con la pagina "laquearde.com". Cuando …

Oct 21, 2018: Yesterday

9:17 PM Ticket #14155 (configure our docker servers to use live restore) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie
fixed: This step is completed. Now we can upgrade docker on docker hosts …
2:58 PM Ticket #14164 (Expired Let's Encrypt SSL cert for our site) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/ortxgc.bai.luigi
The SSL cert for https://www.ourrevolutiontxgulfcoast.com has expired …
12:51 AM Ticket #14163 (Django) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/jwokaty
Hi, Do you have any recommendations for running Django? I've seen an …

Oct 20, 2018:

4:09 PM Ticket #14162 (Can't backup site) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/globaljustice
Hi, I have a message that a security update is required for drupal -- …

Oct 19, 2018:

5:18 PM apachesolr edited by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie
5:11 PM red-mosh-reorganization edited by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie
1:33 PM Ticket #13887 (vaca.ranchoelectronico.org issues) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/kosa
fixed: The site has been working well, so closing this. Thanks a lot!
1:31 PM Ticket #14145 (Allowed memory size of exhausted) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/kosa
12:43 PM Ticket #14161 (FCGI Error) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/danarky
I am seeing this error in the logs for the website …
11:50 AM Ticket #14160 (Nuevo sitio) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/la-que-arde
Hola buen dia, trate de configurar un nuevo sitio en mi cuenta y no lo …
11:07 AM Ticket #14159 (Disable drtbnetwork.org) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/clayton
Hi MayFirst, drtbnetwork.org has been taken over by spammers. We need …
10:58 AM Ticket #14158 (LetsEncrypt certificate is not auto-renewing) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/webgurujf
We have followed the instructions as delineated here: …
2:15 AM Ticket #14157 (website down) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/workersliberty
504 Gateway Time-out nginx Is this a product of the "erratically …

Oct 18, 2018:

8:42 PM Ticket #13948 (create dedicated mosh for highlander and move hosting order) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie
fixed: Thanks!
3:38 PM twilio created by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie
3:29 PM Ticket #14156 (retire freeswitch and mexcla and paul) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie
We have been running a freeswitch server which handles our primary …
2:43 PM services edited by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie
12:41 PM Ticket #14155 (configure our docker servers to use live restore) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie
Currently, if you upgrade the docker engine, it will restart and in …

Oct 17, 2018:

1:20 PM Ticket #14154 (Domain migration inside Mayfirst) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/emiliano
Hello, I've been working on a drupal site with the domain name …

Oct 16, 2018:

1:34 PM Ticket #13412 (De http a https) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/lavida-riaaver
1:23 PM Ticket #14152 (Apertura de cuenta de correo) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/lavida-riaaver
Hola! Queremos preguntarles cómo abrir una cuenta de correo …
12:26 PM Ticket #14151 (Install apache solr at mumia) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/gnuget
Hi! We have hosted on the Mumia server the site http://portside.org/

Oct 15, 2018:

5:12 PM Ticket #14149 (bulk.mayfirst.org from non mfpl site) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/k054
Hi there! We at Palante wonder if it's possible to use …
4:33 PM Ticket #14148 (website down) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/workersliberty
Our website has gone down, without even an error message - you just …
3:40 PM Ticket #14147 (Make my website secure so that it does not say 'Not Sercure' (https?)) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/bbarashweb
I forget how to do this.
1:20 PM Ticket #14146 (update red to prevent users from setting memory_limit to more than 512M) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie
At least one of our problems on albizu is that php fpm does not appear …
12:41 PM Ticket #14145 (Allowed memory size of exhausted) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/kosa
Hi there! We are facing the following error for becashbs.mx [Mon Oct …
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