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This page will guide us through our transition to a bilingual (and furthermore to a multilingual) organization.

Call for volunteer work on MFPL's translation team

Call for volunteers on translation

Who are the translation team members?

Here is a list of the great people who has confirmed his/her will to participate volunteering some hours of translation a week, of course we have asked them first if they want their names to be published, we have also asked them some basic questions related to their profiles and disposition. Go team, go. :)

List of MFPL-TT members.

Planning the work in MFPL's translation team

Translation Team Organizing Plan will be discussed via the email list internationalization[a]

People interested in volunteering work in the translation team should send a message to l10n[a] so we have her/him setup.

General workflow for translations in MFPL

This page has become a howto description with details and graphics for a better explanatiion of the workflow for translation.

We also have a workflow specific to the main mayfirst web site which is in the interest of editors, to achieve the goal of having our main web site, as fully as possible, translated into Spanish for start. The procedure described there is about how to use the feature of the internacionalization drupal plugin, which relates a content already published (or in process of being published) with it's translation. Any how the translation process will take place vía the ticket system described lines above.

Notes taken from each meeting

Meeting: April 12th, 2012?

Second Meeting: December 20th, 2011

First Meeting: December 2nd, 2011

Revisión y comentarios a traducciones

Cualquier compañer@ del equipo puede solicitar una revisión detallada de su traducción. Proponemos utilizar una página del wiki para registrar dicha revisión, pues de ese modo puede quedar registro para referencia posterior y aprendizaje colectivo, También porque el propio sistema permite la comparación entre versiones de manera muy clara y sencilla. Aquí puede verse el registro de revisiones:

Mayo 2012

Con más poder viene más represión

Junio 2012

2011 The Membership Meeting

Projects of the May First/People Link Leadership Committe

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