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Welcome to the May First/People Link wiki! This wiki contains all the information, policies, frequently asked questions, plans and thinking of the organization.

Conference Call number

When you have a conference call with MF/PL people, here's the info you need.

Conference Call Information

Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning section contains the latest thoughts on the future development of the organization.

Our 2011 Outreach Plan is MF/PL's plan for outreach, membership recruitment and promotion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The faq is the section where we list common technical questions and answers about the organization and how our services work.

Technology infrastructure

The technology infrastructure section contains the technical details and policies that guide our servers and technology for the organization.

We also have a support team page that provides the initial links for the team that supports the MFPL infrastructure.

Projects, Campaigns and committees

The projects/leadership-committee is the primary body overseeing the political direction of the organization.

The consulta_hemisferica is a major campaign to foster and support an on-line "consulta" among representatives from all countries in the hemisphere.

Low Down Special Edition is the text for our special, printed edition of Low Down for the United States Social Forum (if we call it LowDown which we might not).

The technologists_congress is a project to hold a "techie congress" at the 2010 Social Forum.

The Techies of Color Development Project is a special project for training and development that we are now planning.

The International Outreach and Training Project is a special project for training and development in International communities that we are now planning.

The Conferences and Presentations page is the place to discuss upcoming presentations, conferences, and workshops.

The Take Back the Land campaign.

Our work at the COP16 Conference in Cancun -- 2010.

Recent Press Release on Metro spoof paper.

New Materials

Materials that MF/PL is developing either in print or on the website.

A new membership pitch is linked here.

Some website changes are linked from this page.

Some printed materials are linked from this page.

Past campaigns/Proposals

The World Social Forum International Council Membership Application is a continued effort to connect our work to international movements.

The World Social Forum 2008 campaign is intended to build support for the World Social Forum 2008 Day of Action on January 26, 2008.

The Live Free campaign helps May First/People Link members make the switch to the most stable and widely supported free software programs: Firefox and Thunderbird. It has not yet been realized.

The Consortium project is intended to build a more effective referral and collaboration infrastructure for organizations providing web and Internet project development and design. Also on the back burner for now.

The APC Membership Application is the first step in a project we've undertaken to broaden our work internationally. Update: we're now members!

The Member-to-Member project helps members get to know each other, contribute to the thinking of the organization, and develop what it means to be a member.

The Social Forum of the Americas 2008 proposal suggests ways we could be involved in Social Forum of the Americas 2008 in October 2008.

The Free and Open Source Initiative is a campaign, launched by a conference, designed to organize progressives to embrace FOSS, renounce the use of all corporate, proprietary software and work to promote FOSS choices as a political necessity.

Proposal: USB key kit is a clever tool that uses low-cost USB keys to distribute FOSS applications and allow users to securely use any computer.