Conferences, Presentations and Workshops

Here's a listing of upcoming workshops and conferences that are on the radar of May First/People Link:


A star (*) means a priority event (we are organizing it)

Fourth quarter 2015

Climate Justice Alliance Actions- December 2015

First quarter 2016

Second quarter 2016

Left Forum May??

Allied Media Conference 3rd week/June

Third quarter 2016

Fourth quarter 2016


First quarter 2014

Second quarter

  • NYC Anarchist Bookfair
  • PyCon, Montreal, April 9-17
  • April - México
    • 10° Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de Software Libre (April 26) (Should we organize our very own like in 2013 event, or partnering with people from an University?)
    • Drupal Camp & Symfony Day México.- (UNAM, April 23-25 participating with a Talk about, i.e. CiviCRM?)
  • How Class Works (SUNY Stoney Brook), June 5 - 7
  • Allied Media Conference + People's Movement Assembly on Privacy with MAGNet, Detroit, June 19-22*
  • Netroots Nation, Detroit, July 17-20
  • Left Forum (May 30/June 1, 2014) NYC
  • APC Council Meeting (TBA, June)

Third quarter

  • Mexican Conferederation of Cooperatives for Social Emancipation: Summer 2014, workshop on free internet and free software
  • AdaCamp: women in tech, invite only
  • Moving Beyond Capitalism (Center for Global Justice) - 3 hrs from Mexico - July 29
  • Roots and Remedies (Praxis)
  • Black Movement mass convergence (July 2014)
  • Alternate Roots (August 2014) North Carolina
  • People's Social Forum in Montreal 2014 (August)

Fourth Quarter

Timing unknown

  • technical free software gathering in mexico
  • IETF, various


Fourth Quarter

Past Conferences and Presentations


  • WSF Free Palestine, November 2012, Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • Software Libre, October 2012, Mexico City
  • AMC, July 2012, Detroit
  • Rio+20, June 2012, Brazil
  • Netroots Nation 2012
  • Left Forum, March 2012, NYC





  • LaborTech (in San Francisco) was the weekend of December 5-7. MFPL was not officially represented, but Eric from member organization Open Flows attended.
  • Networked Politics held a seminar in Berkeley on December 5 - 7. Jamie represented MFPL on the opening panel and during the seminar.
  • We were invited by our latest member, the Institute for Anarchist Studies, to attend their Renewing the Anarchist Studies (RAT) workshop in November 7-9, 2008, in Montpelier, Vermont. Unfortunately, we couldn't make it. There does not appear to be current web site information about the conference, but previous conference info is available for reference.
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