We think what you're doing is really important. May First/People Link members that are already involved in the building both locally and nationally include NESRI, JFREJ, PTH, Community Voices Heard, FUREIGH, NLPH, and Right to the City. It's one of the roles of the leadership at MF/PL to recognize movement-building efforts of our members and mobilize as activists in solidarity. We show up for our members.

Our proposal is that for $200/year, the online community, the virtual home base, of Take Back the Land Movement can become itself a member of May First/People Link. Our member services include unlimited sites with stats, mailing lists, email addresses, solidarity on the issues and press releases, all of which really pale in comparison to linking to us as organizers of a network devoted to sustainable social movements and uncompromising principles that seek to both protect and liberate a connected society.

The leadership of May First/People Link agrees with TBTL's root principles and we can offer our Statement of Unity to show that our work, too, is rooted in principles such as right to communication, local and personal control of data, and the leadership of impacted communities. The MF/PL member organizations have already recognized this important link with our principles.

Our capacity for helping the many local and national campaigns under the TBTL Movement includes firstly our knowledge as technologists and how this impacts social movements in a wired world. We can help the Land & Housing Action Group to facilitate communication and offer technical support (technical beyond technology, too) to Local Action Groups. The international campaigns that we support include many countries in the global south that, like TBTL, are fighting for human rights. We can help support those connections in a global context, by using technology strategically.

Specifically, we can help migrate the existing site for free. Or we can help with a quick Drupal site that models and improves the current Joomla site for about $200. Improving the site with maps, calendaring, etc. wouldn't cost more than $3000 and we can work in pieces. We can also help implement a phone system for a low one-time cost (ongoing phone connectivity cost). National work in Detroit, Midwest/Kansas, and NYC: With all of our traveling and personal connections to these local struggles in New York, as well as to Kansas/Midwest areas, and also our involvement in Detroit's Social Forum event this summer, we can help solidify connections and hold trainings.

We realize and recognize the unique potential of this movement, its urgency, and its potential for sustained movement-building into coming centuries. Our approach to technology today can help ground the ongoing campaign in the virtual/online arena in a lasting way that no corporate hosting package can. In an industry that changes every week, MF/PL sees its longevity on the scale of centuries, too, because we're building movements, too. We as organizers and technologists in a growing membership network, 5,000 people strong, can partner with you for the long-term and stand in solidarity with your demands.

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