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Wikigardening goals

Worth to think #6383 yet, some of it handled on #6797

Describe use cases and how to add a new domain or subdomain to an account. (#7757 inspired)

  1. Create hosting order? Criticism: clutter, harder to keeping up-to-date.
  2. add_new_domain_to_existing_account (DNS)
  3. faq/domain/add-domain-web-config (Alias)
  4. faq/email/domain-not-available-email (email)
  5. Setting up your CMS to serve one/several names.

Web apps performance optimization

(I'm thinking more in WP than Drupal, so these involves a lot of asking, trying and failing, too).

More little things asking for some love

About backups

Tag-gardening? All these three are under "miscellaneous" tag, even being part of the most basic duties of support team and every member too.


  • Maildrop #6320 How-to deliver email to a folder.

Things I like to craft to help

Assigned tickets

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Potential resources

  • #6461 Encrypted mailing lists
  • #4683 Piwik for testing and possible use by members
  • #5580 Alternate fastcgi implementation option for persistent daemons
  • #6076 Friendica Design to make it "Mayfirsty"
  • #5137 installing node.js software on shared server
  • #6301 Per Paragraph Commenting in Drupal, Wordpress, other CMS
  • keyringer

CiviCRM review

Techies of color

Desktop communication tools


Middle interesting:

Somewhat interesting (not so many new ideas):