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Informing matters I'm able to help, collecting resources and µprojects for MF/PL enhancement I'm following

Questions of everyone I could be able to help

Next to be translated

Assigned tickets

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µprojects MF/PL features I'm following

Able to help

  • #6383 documentation gardening
  • #4341 Improving Service advisories system.
    • µblogging broadcasting accounts
    • Mail queue
    • Translation and approval interface.
  • #6280 Synonym search capabilities for Trac.

Mostly lurking

  • #4683 Piwik for testing and possible use by members
  • #5580 Alternate fastcgi implementation option for persistent daemons
  • #6076 Friendica Design to make it "Mayfirsty"
  • #5137 installing node.js software on shared server
  • #6301 Per Paragraph Commenting in Drupal, Wordpress, other CMS


found here in SMO through lurking in TitleIndex:

Very interesting:


CiviCRM review

Techies of color

Web development tools

Desktop communication tools


Middle interesting:

Somewhat interesting (not so many new ideas):


Nice to be compiled howto's


  • #6320 How-to deliver email to a folder.