How do I add a new domain to an existing account?

This how-to explains how to add a second domain to an existing web site.

If you are interested in adding a completely new web site, then please refer to the FAQ on creating a new hosting order.

You may be interested in reading our DNS Primer for a more general overview of how DNS works.

In this guide, we will assume your existing domain name is After launching your site, you realize that you would also like to use the domain

Add the record to the May First/People Link Control Panel

You will want to add records that tell our domain name servers which IP address should be used for the various versions of the domain name you want to use. These are called "A" records. To add an A record:

  • Click Add a New Item.
  • For DNS type, select A
  • For Domain name (e.g., enter the domain name you want (now you will need to enter a separate record for the variations of your domain name - such as,, etc.)
  • For IP address, enter the IP address of your primary host (it should be listed in the top right corner of the Members Control Panel.
  • Leave the remaining fields blank or with their default values

Repeat this process for each domain name variation. You will probably want one record for the base domain name ( and one for

In addition, if you plan to recieve email, you will need to add a record of the type "MX." For the MX record, set the server name to the "Primary Host" server name listed in your control panel.

Configure your sites and email to use your new domain

The next step depends on what you want to do with your domain name. You may either

Point your domain to our servers.

At this point, our servers are fully configured to handle your domain name.

However, the Internet may not yet be sending your domain name traffic to our servers.

The final (and critical step) is to configure your new domain to use May First/People Link name servers.

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