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May First/People Link Technology Infrastructure

The big picture

May First/People Link uses a file system/subversion repository as our database of servers. For information on how to access this information, please see our server overview page.

Diagrams of our server layouts are available:

Server Terminology

May First/People Link distinguishes between two types of servers:

MOSH servers refer to any server running a predefined set of services including (http, imap, pop, smtp, submission). These servers are generally accessible by numerous members via ssh and provide multiple uses for members.
PITS are *not* MOSH servers. They are Physical, Internal, Transitional or Specialized. Members generally do not have direct shell access to these servers.

Operating system installation



Emergency Access

Disk Management





Server-specific Notes

MF/PL sets up systems that work across servers as a rule, but in certain cases a server may need to strike out on its own for a time with technology approaches that are not yet standardized. This section is for recording these set-ups, which may become the standard approach of the future.