How do I allocate a new IP block?

Requests for new IP blocks should go to either for Telehouse IP blocks or for Bandcon IP blocks.

  • Add the block to the IP Allocation page
  • Add the block to puppet - in the manifests/globals.pp file.
  • Run: freepuppet-helper GenerateIPsFromRoutes to add the new IPs to puppet. git add and git commit the new files created.
  • We run a caching DNS server on every physical host. These hosts only respond to requests from IP addresses in our network. After committing the new IP addresses to our puppet repository, you have to push those changes to the physical hosts you want to respond to DNS requests. Eventually, they will get pushed to all hosts with the next tag is signed. You can manually push to any hosts that you need to work immediately.
  • Add IP addresses to our DNS servers (for reverse lookups).
    • For Bandcon: Login to Edit ~/bin/create-reverse-ip to modify the first two variables to reflect the IP range you are adding.
    • For HE: edit to add the new block and then type make
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