QEMU Monitor on running KVM guests

Each KVM guests have a qemu monitor, which allows you to interact with the running guests via the software the powers the guest.

To start the qemu monitor, login as the guest user account. For example, to access, login as julia to julia's host (


Then run the following command (chaning julia to the name of the guest in question):

julia@pietri:~$ socat vms/julia/monitor.socket STDIO

Here's an example session (see ticket #4254 for context):

julia@pietri:~$ socat vms/julia/monitor.socket STDIO
QEMU 0.12.5 monitor - type 'help' for more information
(qemu) info balloon
info balloon
balloon: actual=3072
(qemu) balloon 2500
balloon 2500
(qemu) ^Cjulia@pietri:~$ 

Note the use of ctrl-C to detach from the monitor -- if you were to do exit or quit instead, you would be effectively asking the kvm process itself to die. You don't want that!

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