Custom MOSH domain

All servers have a canonical domain ending in (e.g. These MOSH'es are configured to use this canonical domain name for apache (specifically to reach phpmyadmin) and to use the canonical domain name for x509 certificates.

Some members run their own dedicated MOSH'es and prefer to have a server alias, usually because they want to use their own x509 certificates the work with their own domain names.


When configuring custom x509 certificates, simply create a symlink from /etc/ssl/ that points to the member's certificate and a symlink from /etc/ssl/private/ that points to the members combined certificate and key file. No changes to puppet are required, these symlinks will be preserved.


If you'd like to have http requests sent to the canonical name redirected to the alias, configure the server via puppet using the apache_server_alias variable in the mosh class. For example, here is the setting for roe.pp:

  class { "m_mosh":
    fcgid_max_processes => 10,
    apache_server_alias => ""
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