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Internationalization Team

This page will guide us through our transition to a bilingual (and furthermore to a multilingual) organization.

Who we are

If you are part of the team and haven't filled out your profile, please do! Go team, go. :): List of members.

Planning the work in MFPL's translation team

Translation Team Organizing Plan will be discussed via the email list internationalization[a]

People interested in volunteering work in the translation team should send a message to l10n[a] so we have her/him setup.

General workflow for translations in MFPL

There are three ways translation happens.

  • A MF/PL organizer requests a translation. This method is the most common. Requests are submitted as tickets to this system. Translaters are notified via email to the internationalization list. Team members can assign a ticket to themselves, and then paste the translation as a comment to the ticket. A detailed explanation of the workflow for translation is available.
  • In addition, this sytem also has a number of wiki pages, most of which are in English. Some tickets request a translation of a wiki page.We have specific directions for how to translate a wiki page on this system.

See our new glossary of difficult words.

pending translations