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Current Work

Calendar calendar

Here is the list of conferences we're considering attending.

Strategy Proposals

Here is the Communications and Technology Proposal for a Polycentric Social Forum *This document was prepared in 2013 as part of discussions for the U.S. Social Forum. The strategy of decentralized but inter-linked meetings is one we can help promote with other movements, to help people develop relationships and political analyses across place and across time.

:Political Statements

*A new level of Attack on our Movements August 2015 *The politics behind denial of service attacks August 2015

Past Work

2014 Work This is our workplan for 2014

This is our proposed budget for 2014

Joining call:

All are always invited to our meetings.

To join the conference call:

The preferred method: download Firefox version 23 or higher, or Chrome/Chromium version 28 or higher and visit:

Using your regular phone, dial: +1.718.303.3204 and press 6, then press 1 #

Using a sip phone client:

sip sip proxy address: password: public Dial: 9999@…, then press 1 #

When you join the conference, you enter the general conference channel by default.

In the general conference channel, you can hear all participants as they speak their preferred language. When you speak, all participants in the general conference channel can hear you.

If you press the 1 key, you enter the interpretation channel. On this channel, people in the general conference channel can hear you but, you can no longer hear them. Instead, you only hear what is being said in the interpretion channel. You can return to the general conference channel by pressing 0.

If you press 2, you enter the interpretation channel as an interpreter and we ask that this channel only be used by people doing the interpretation work for the meeting.

To return to the general channel, press 0.

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