This is the working draft of the workshop proposal for the Open Video Conference in 2011. It is structured according to the form for proposals.

Title of Session

Live Streaming with Free and Open Source Software: Lessons learned from a year of live Internet broadcast from four continents

Session Type


(type options are: Creative, Technical, Legal, Hybrid, Other)

Short Description

Over little more than a year, May First/People Link has answered multiple calls to provide support for audio and video streaming for social movement events such as the World and US Social Forums and the Cochabamba Climate Conference. We show up, fully-prepared or just-in-time, to stream or support streaming in vastly different circumstances all over the world. From Bolivia to Senegal, Palestine to Mexico, we have provided some form of virtual interactivity through broadcasting. No two situations have ever been the same and we have learned a lot about what works and what doesn't; and all using Free and Open Source Software.

This session will cover the landscape of available free tools for streaming, what we think works best and why. We will also go over on-the-ground logistical planning and equipment use.

What Will You Accomplish

We plan to start with a storytelling of our experiences; what we did and where we did it.

Then we will present available tools, which ones we've abandoned and which ones we recommend. As part of this section, we will hold an open discussion on a very important topic: to use or not use Flash.

If time allows, showing folks how to go from a web connection and a pile of equipment to a high-quality stream by setting up a live broadcast from the front of the room, onto the projector. This will be a hands-on activity.

Closed out with questions, discussions, and general geekery...

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