MOBILITYSHIFTS is provocative conversations, original ideas, engaging performances, workshops and art projects about digital learning. Where, when, how, and even what we are learning is changing. Digital learning is not only taking place online or in the university classroom but is also situated in museums, after school programs, living rooms, public libraries and peer-to-peer universities. The future of learning will not be solely determined by digital culture but by the re-organization of power relationships and institutional protocols. MobilityShifts will bring together leading scholars, artists, web developers, technologists, teachers, librarians, policy makers, critical legal scholars and learning activists to discuss how digital media can play a positive role in this process of transformation.

Comprised of a conference, exhibition, workshops, project demos and a theater performance, this summit will add an international layer to the existing debate about digital fluencies for a mobile world and learning outside the bounds of traditional institutions of higher education.

Hands-on Workshops and Demonstrations will take place October 10-13. Workshops and Demonstrations should provide an opportunity for hands-on exploration. They will be scheduled for two hours and should invite audience participation.

Workshop Proposal

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