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These are the teams/groups that make up May First. To coordinate team activity, we have a weekly coordinators meeting.

Support, Infrastructure and Data Sovereignty (SIDS)

May First/People Link's SIDS team responds to support requests and maintains the May First/People Link infrastructure. We meet on the first satuday of the month, at 12:00 pm Mexico/1:00 pm New York. More information about our meetings and how to join is on our team page.

International Movements

The International Movements team is charged with ensuring that MF/PL is represented in all movements that have an international political focus and that are relevant to our work. It is in charge of ensuring that our politics are reflective of the politics of international movements, and vice-versa.

Our page is at:

International Movements page

Outreach and Communications

This group is charged with our external relations and profile. It produces the materials we use, schedules our appearances and conference attendances, develops and works with our blog and media contacts, develops relations with other organizations and prepares periodic official statements under LC direction.

Our page is at:

Outreach and Communications Page

Membership and Administration

This group oversees all member-related work and basic administrative and organizational operations. It is in charge of membership intake; communications with members (including internationalization); member orientation and discussion programs; and all administrative functions.

Membership and Administration Page

Decision Making Bodies

In addition to these work teams, May First/People Link has two organizational decision making bodies:

Membership Meeting

We hold an anual membership meeting to elect our Leadership Committee and set the priorities for the year: Membership Meeting page.

Leaderhip Committee

Our Leadership Committee approves the work team plans and budgets based on the priorities established by the membership meeting: Leadership Committee Page.