Support Queue Organizer


  • being present on in the #mayfirst channel to discuss issues that come up
  • monitoring the support queue (four hour response time during regular working hours, minimally checking between 11 am and noon and 5 pm and 6 pm America/New_York)
  • evaluating tickets and responding to tickets - see the support-response-tips page.
    • If you know the answer or part of the answer, respond to the ticket
    • Non-urgent and you don't know the answer: assign to another support team member who you think knows the answer and tell them we are working on it
    • Urgent and you don't know the answer: contact other people helping out via IRC

You can monitor the support queue in several ways:

  • Bookmark the query for new tickets in last week.
  • Bookmark the timeline link. This page will show all tickets in chronological order
  • Subscribe to the RSS feed of the page (see the RSS link at the bottom of the page)

Job Description

May First/People Link is a membership-based activist organization that fights for a free, open and secure Internet.

We are hiring a part time support organizer responsible for ensuring that all member support requests are responded to or assigned to a support team member. The support organizer must provide the consistent day-to-day labor to keep up communication with our members who are asking for help. Helpful skills include familiarity with Debian system administration, ssh/sftp, apache, mysql, SMTP and POP/IMAP, and Mailman.

The support work is both technical and political - the support team organizer must be able to evaluate how and when to empower our members via training and consciousness around free and open source software, security, privacy and other political issues at the forefront of our organizatio's mission.

The organizer is expected to work between two and three hours per day, flexibly scheduled monday through friday, during Eastern time zone regular work hours. In addition, they must be available for the weekly staff meeitng on thursday afternoons.

The position pays a flat salary of $1,000 per month.

Candidates must be a member of May First/People Link for at least 6 months; have an activist background; posses strong hosting-related technology skills and experience (web and email); be friendly and communicative.

Experience working on the volunteer support team or actively participating in membership activities is a plus. Spanish skills a strong plus. Women and people of color are strongly encouraged to apply.


  • keygringer
  • control panel
  • puppet
  • creating virual servers
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