Server Maintenance Organizer


  • Update Drupal when security releases come out
  • Respond to all Nagios critical alerts
    • Expand disk space
    • Handle compromised sites (disinfect/disable and communicate with member)
    • 2nd level support
    • Purchase and replace x509 certificates
    • Build new MOSH servers when the current one fills up
    • With co-directors, decide when new hardware should be purchased

Job Description

The server butler is responsible for maintaining the overall health of our servers, responding to nagios alerts, ensuring new hardware is purchased and new MOSH servers are setup as needed, purchasing x509 certificates as existing ones expire, ensuring upgrades and backups are running properly, support and train the support organizer, attend weekly staff meetings and other day-to-day tasks that ensure our servers are running smoothly.

The Server Butler should be experienced in adminstering Debian systems openssh, apache, mysql, postfix, courier, trac, KVM virtualization and mailman. They should also be comfortable using gnupgp and have basic network trouble-shooting.

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