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SIDS 2014 Work plan and Budget


The Support, Infrastructure and Data Sovereignty (SIDS) team is responsible ensuring that are members have access to a reliable technology infrastructure that is designed and implemented based on the values of freedom, transparency and democracy.

Ongoing Tasks

The SIDS team performs many on-going tasks, which include:

  • Answering support tickets
  • Performing routine maintenance, backups and software upgrades
  • Documenting features and support tips

Special Projects for 2014

In addition to our ongoing tasks, we propose the following special projects for 2014:

  • Automatic https-enabled web sites for all members. Currently, all of our members have easy access to http (non-encrypted nor authenticated) web sites. Every member can add an https (encrypted and authenticated) web site, however, it requires many cumbersome steps. By the end of 2014, we would like to streamline this process so that all members automatically have an https site that is signed with an MF/PL certificate and can easily be modified to be signed with a corporate provided certificate. Ticket: #407.
  • WordPress auto installer via the control panel. Ticket: #1608
  • Upgrade all servers to Debian Wheezy. Wiki page: squeeze wheezy MOSH upgrade.
  • Organize Association for Progressive Communications members in an international meeting on fighting Denial of Service attacks and legal threats to our members. Planning Page.
  • Upgrade web site to Drupal 7, collaborate with other teams on re-design. Ticket: #8171
  • Collaborate with Membership team on installing CiviCRM (and sync'ing with our control panel) to improve membership communications
  • Purchase and install two new physical servers
  • Collaborate with Membership team to heavily promote, our file sharing site
  • Participate in at least 3 People Links sessions, organized by the Membership team, that are specifically about learning how to us MF/PL technology