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I'm Jamie McClelland. I'm a co-founder, co-director, member of the support-team, and a member of the LC. If you need to get my attention, you can open a ticket and assign it to me or send me an email to

I use ticket priority in the following way:

  • Urgent: an issue currently causing pain to a member. Should be responded to within 8 hours and updated on a nearly daily basis until complete. Help is welcome, but be sure to coordinate on IRC to avoid duplication.
  • High: an issue I'm currently working on or reasonable expect to work on within the next 30 days. Don't poach without asking permission first.
  • Medium: an issue that is assigned to me because I'm deemed the best fit, but I have no immediate plans to being working on it. Poachers welcome. No need for permission.
  • Low: an issue that could be done by anyway but happens to be assigned to me. Poachers encouraged!

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