I'm Daniel Kahn Gillmor, aka dkg. I'm a frequent contributor to MF/PL, a debian developer, a member of the support-team, and a ex-member of the LC. If you need to get my attention, you can open a ticket and assign it to me or you can send me an e-mail at

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Tickets Assigned to dkg

Priority: Urgent (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Reporter Modified Status
#5605 install django for the use of MF/PL members 5 years assigned

Priority: High (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Reporter Modified Status
#3638 AAAA glue record for 4 years assigned
#7931 Forward secrecy cipher suite support needed for mail 5 years assigned
#407 Overhauling red/apache TLS private key and certificate handling 5 years assigned
#6534 roundcube default identities are bad 5 years assigned

Priority: Medium (41 matches)

Ticket Summary Reporter Modified Status
#6722 Support two-factor or one-time password authentication 15 months assigned
#12077 clr upgrade accidentally restarted kvm guests 2 years assigned
#9945 Certficates for new KVM 4 years assigned
#8932 postgresql wheezy upgrade needs to move from 8.4 to 9.1 5 years assigned
#6457 support-team members should get automatic links from SMO into the control panel 5 years assigned
#6380 changesets which reference a ticket should produce a new comment here on 5 years assigned
#7794 SMO's RSS feeds links to login 5 years assigned
#7358 web config SSLEngine should be automatic 6 years assigned
#6293 update ottorene's BIOS (and BMC?), fix BIOS configuration to interact properly with the serial line 6 years assigned
#6849 experiment with mod-gnutls on 6 years assigned
#6723 Notification based on suspicious IP range or geo origin 6 years assigned
#2138 Open ID login for does not work with Yahoo 6 years assigned
#3663 setting up https via control panel should be simplified 6 years assigned
#3629 offer MFPL nameservers over IPv6 6 years assigned
#1354 May First/People Link should request an IPv4 and IPv6 block of IP addresses directly from ARIN 6 years assigned
#3664 using DNSSEC to sign our .org domains 6 years assigned
#890 Trac generated emails hard to follow 6 years assigned
#665 use javascript to make the `ir` board display fit on the screen 6 years assigned
#6438 create read-only version of to be available when moses is down 6 years assigned
#3606 overhaul MFPL CA 6 years assigned
#4562 transition licensing from CC-BY-NC-SA to CC-BY-SA (remove Non-Commercial clause) 6 years assigned
#2651 Consolidate SSL documentation 6 years assigned
#6427 mf/pl apache servers should default to charset=UTF-8 6 years assigned
#1265 Simplify https access with redirection 6 years assigned
#805 all MF/PL physical servers should be running regular SMART checks of their disks 6 years assigned
#918 Red should be updated to allow ipv6 addresses in the dns service 6 years assigned
#6245 TCExam installation quinnhechtkopf@… 6 years assigned
#4236 MF/PL ASN creation 6 years new
#5137 installing node.js software on shared server 6 years assigned
#6334 Message Recall Failure - List Error 6 years assigned
#6348 overhaul mf-log-pid-resources 6 years new
#6292 ftdi USB-to-serial devices appear to have serial numbers -- add udev rules to make them persist 6 years assigned
#6282 julia imap connections overwhelmed by two users -- wireless flakiness? 6 years assigned
#6194 Roundcube: addressbook distribution lists? 6 years assigned
#5919 mfpl should offer a public ntp server 7 years assigned
#5585 regular verification of standard mosh secret keys and X.509 certificates 7 years assigned
#5561 enable https for all MF/PL sites 7 years assigned
#5409 Security Audit for REST UI 7 years assigned
#3873 request IPv6 allocation from bandcon/xo 8 years assigned
#3899 kvm guests should be able to hot-add (and hot-remove?) CPUs 8 years assigned
#3627 set up IPv6 for MF/PL servers 8 years assigned

Priority: Low (9 matches)

Ticket Summary Reporter Modified Status
#8931 daily sks cronjob hung 5 years assigned
#8036 supplying a client certificate causes connections to to choke 5 years assigned
#7793 Read wiki's plain text rather than downloading it 5 years assigned
#6461 Offering encrypted mailing lists 5 years assigned
#7079 investigate navigator.mozPay() for MF/PL payment processing 6 years assigned
#6276 add auto-tag completion/suggestion to 6 years assigned
#5275 deleting php-cgi wrapper causes server-wide error 7 years assigned
#525 Invoicing/dues payments should be cryptographically verifiable and secure 7 years assigned
#4702 OpenPGP "no keys found" keyserver response too short to render in some browsers andrew@… 7 years assigned

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