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May 5, 2012 Support Team face to face

Jamie's apt: 426 Sterling Place, 3A
10:00 am -

  • Planning the next few months' agenda
  • Adopt a server!!
  • Brainstorming the AMC network meeting agenda (post facebook Internet)
  • Discuss motion and what we want out of rack security cameras
  • Red UI
  • Completing last months tasks (Roundcube, Horde, other web apps)

Adopt a server notes pulled from etherpad

It may beg gone, but this came from this pad page

Current Responsibilities

  • minimal responisiblity; make sure the servers stay upgraded. Rationale: Jamie had previously been running (or not) upgrades on n servers.

Upcoming Future Responsibilities

  • Make sure file systems have enough space on them
  • Audit back ups
  • Make sure the RAID arrays are in sync
  • Get nagios alerts for your adopted server

-- If you have a problem with an upgrade, make sure to report it to the support-team.

  • How to handle kernel upgrades? Always do all upgrades whether or not a reboot is required. Because kernel ugrades are highly unlikely to cause problems even without a reboot.
  • How do we handle physical host upgrades? We have been running all of them in the same fashion as kernel upgrades.
  • Timing Upgrades should not be run between 900 America/New_York and 1800 America/New_York Monday through Friday

Covering Support

  • Check tickets between 1100 and 1200 America/New_York between 1700 and 1800 America/New_York There has to be some response on all tickets

Answer/resolve easy tickets

Ask for more information, if needed