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Workers Assembly


On January MF/PL 16th and 17th, Leadership Committee discussed the relevant roll played by all MF/PL workers and the importance of having a space where all workers could join and discuss on ​the results of that LC meeting, promote their expressions and get feedback from people who were not present those days to build agreement with them on the proposals that will be taken to next Members Meeting.

With a profound collective reflection on the meaning of past contradictions that led to six resignations and a crisis situation in MFPL, reflections also on our history, achievements and the limitations of our development, just as about the concrete political conditions that define our context.

We reached agreement on calling for a Workers Assembly.

Workers Assembly represents the opportunity to make sure all people directly involved in MF/PL development understands LC meeting results and makes sure all legit complains have been addressed properly.

Workers Assembly is not meant to overcome or substitute Members Meeting and it should discuss and build proposals on how we warranty participation from social movement actors in our decision making bodies.

From that perspective, Workers Assembly's goal is to reach internal pact on collective future, concluding the current crisis situation and renewing our collective commitment to MF/PL, work on strengthen MF/PL as an organizing instance of the social movement, building agreement among all workers on core documents: Mission, Values, Goals, Structure, in order to create new organizing instances for collaboration and concrete proposals for next Members Meeting based on shared perspectives in a bottom-up process.

If Workers Assembly is satisfactory in terms of participation, rich as experience of interchange to most of people and demostrates it can build strong agreements, we could consider for the Members Meeting a proposal to include the Workers Assembly as part of MF/PL permanent structure.


Although there will be a general call for members to come and join us for this Workers Assembly, we want to make a personal invitation to each one of the following comrades who we consider active-members who commit work regularly, or have committed work in a regular basis recently, regardless if they are paid or not:

  • Leadership Committee: Maritza, Pablo, Juan Gerardo, Jaime, Louis, Mallory, Alfredo, Jamie, Enrique, Jerome, Jackie
  • Sysadmins with root access and/or support team members: Ross, dkg, Josue, Greg, Joseph, Nat, Steve, Kendra, Ben, Jaime V. and kosa.
  • Mx-coop: Sandra, Pablo L., Carlos, Francia, Melesio, Eugenio, Ana, David, Olinca, Aarón, Jesús, Edgardo, Fátima
  • Internationalization: Analia, Lindsey, Erika
  • Movement Organizers: Rob Robinson, Jay Schaffner, Liz Mestres, Manisha Desai, Walda Katz-Fishman, Suren Moodliar, Makani Themba, Bryan Mercer, Silvia Orduno


Please consider for the Workers Assembly the following agenda:

  1. LC presents the core documents to the assembly
  • Political environment
  • Mission
  • Values
  • Goals
  1. Divided into (4) groups, discussion on fundamental criticisms and strong new proposals for both revision and additions. Only in case it is needed, debate and agreement.
  2. LC presents Structure document, presentation of other proposals.
  3. Creation of working areas (groups) based on shared goals.

Break into as many groups as people need, based on personal prioritization and sympathy on each of the goals agreed. Each person identifies who share their interest on working towards specific goals.

  1. Discussion on second and third level of coordination. How do we develop the efforts of each working area (group) coherently in a unify way? Sense on outreach and inreach work.
  2. Discussion on how we build better gender, racial, cultural, movement representation in our organizing bodies. What do we want in this regard? how do we get there?

For this opportunity, we could consider Workers Assembly to be a 4-6 hours meeting; happening face to face on a Saturday in both places NY and México-DF with a common agenda, video-conferencing support and simultaneous interpretation En<>Es.

Currently LC is discussing the terms of this document and the way this agreement will be implemented.