Leadership Committee 2015

This page covers LC meetings and activities for the year 2015.

Essential Documents

The following documents have been approved by the LC for submission for approval to the membership:

The structure proposal received the most debate. The structure discussion page outlines the issues and disagreements that were addressed prior to the leadership committee voting and approving the structure proposal detailed above.

Proposals Submitted during the year

Leadership Committee Meeting Face to Face Meeting - January 10 - 11, 2015

Location: Casa Xitla, Mexico City

Summary of meeting



MORNING (9:30-13:30)

Welcome, goals, and meeting outcomes: Juan Gerardo Ground Rules: Maritza

Topic: Resignations Facilitator: Maritza

  • Go around: how do you understand what happened (please prepare)
  • Discussion
  • Build consensus on next steps, communication, etc.

LUNCH (13:30-14:30)

AFTERNOON (14:30-18:30) Topic: Political environment, mission, and values

  • Presentation and discussion of current political environment in the US, Mexico and world: Alfredo and Enrique
  • Defining our mission: Jamie
  • Identifying our values: Juan Gerardo

DINNER (19:00 - 18:00)


MORNING 8:30-13:30

Topic: Goals and structure

  • Identifying our goals and SWOT: Jackie
  • Resolving questions about structure and decision making: Jerome

LUNCH (13:30 - 14:30)

AFTERNOON (14:30-18:30)

Topic: strategy Facilitators: Enrique and Mallory

  • Aligning goals and strategy
  • Identifying project goals, timelines and budgets

DINNER (19:00 - 18:00)

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