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Workplan 2014

1 -- Attend the following conferences:

Allied Media Detroit MI June 2014

Netroots Nation Detroit MI July 2014

Rights Con San Francisco March 2014

Facing Race Texas Nov. 2014

Responsible Data San francisco March, 2014

Labor Notes Chicago April, 2014

Left Forum NYC June, 2014

Working Class Studies Association (SUNY) June, 2014

2 -- Media

a - develop strong media list -- immediate

b - issue bi-weekly release/statement with emergency releases when necessary -- immediate -- year-long

c - place media statement on site front-page in special place

d - bi-weekly "interview pitch" to specific radio and tv

3 -- Outreach

a - develop special campaign on Internet De-privatization -- year long, March start-up

b - movement mini-conferences -- May start-up

c - support for People Link (from Membership workplan) - expand to potential members

d - involvement in and leadership of United States Social Forum -- separate multi-group workplan starting with special meeting of all workgroups