Outreach Pubilicy Committe Meeting -- August 12th 2013 -- Attendence: Mallory, Stephen, Hilary, Analia, Alfredo Agenda: Review

Moving forward on Lowdown proposals

Internal development/Membership Meeting outreach

New developments:

Project Proposal for review (Reference Hilary's email - webinar series

This is an idea that has been discussed with staff for quite a while - and it seems to dovetail nicely with ideas around outreach and inreach education, tech support, etc. We also have additional staff support from Analia who is sharing our office and donating some of her APC work time to MF/PL projects.

New proposal for outreach committee structure

Other Topics/Announcements
Hilary: Concern about what to do with the Lowdown Proposals - what's the plan for moving forward.
Mallory: website redesign - need to identify someone who can coordinate that work. It's complicated to redesign. Wireframes, approvals? What is the commenting process....
Need to launch, put text in and test.
MV: Stephen is working on the Drupal upgrade - starting next week. Once we're in Drupal 7 we can get this going. We need to identify design folks. Was working with Aaron but haven't seen him, from committee or outside it.
Mallory: good candidate for support team meeting. But process needs a shepherd. That could be Stephen or someone else. But we need more volunteer labor.
Hilary: is that something you'd be interested in Stephen?
MV: I have a lot on my plate so i'm not sure i have the time. would ideally like to work with someone on it.:)
Hilary: What do we need to do to get support?
Mallory: Put it out to the LC? Perhaps Aaron could do it. Jack and Joseph do it for a living. They could do it the question is time and availability.
MV: Someone with skills would be useful. Maybe put it out to the LC.
Hilary: Would be great to include a concrete list of what is needed before sending to the LC.
Mallory will help with identifying these needs.
We'll combine Jamie's proposals and this committee's proposals. Stephen will help but can't do it until next week.
Hilary and Analia will help as well.
MV: Membership Meeting -
Hilary: Membership meeting will be conducted as a series of mesas - three thematic discussions based around specific topics and then have the face to face in October. The idea was to ask the LC members to do outreach calls to get more participation. There was discussion at the last meeting regarding the outreach committee helping to come up with a script for these outreach calls.
Alfredo: The final decisions are still happening. Need help with the writing of emails and script ideas.
MV: Is there more we as a committee need/want to do?
Mallory: Would be good to think about how we organize the outreach effort. Last year we used red to tag groups.
Hilary: I would suggest having the lc members get assignments, and one person to enter in that information into the control panel. I can do the data entry.
Alfredo: Membership working group - Alfredo, Jamie, Juan Gerardo, Joseph. The function is to administer the meeting.
Hilary: How do we set this plan into motion?
Alfredo: If we have a formal proposal we can submit to the LC.
MV: Could we put this discussion to the list to formulate a proposal to the LC, to keep the conversation.
Hilary: unfortunately our conversations on the list haven't gone anywhere.
MV: question is how many people are willing to do that.
Mallory: THis can go straight to the LC. Mostly this is Alfredo's working group's responsibility. If working group is meeting again soon maybe they can put this forward.
Alfredo: 2/3rds of our working group meet every thursday. if you make a proposal, i can put it forward. this is the outreach committee's purview. Hilary: seems like passing the buck - no one wants to do the work.
I'll write this up
The membership committee should make the assignments.
First action point - send a list of 10 or more members you have connection to.
At least 10 - but personal connections are ideal.
If you have a lot of personal connections - add some calls to your list.
Hilary will enter the information into the control panel to monitor the responses.
Especially important with a lot of the new members in Mexico - personal connections are key.
Stephen: Lets move on to the next segments of the agenda.

People Links Project: we had a meeting with Hilary and Jamie a few weeks ago about a series of talks organized by MFPL. I'm working here at the MFPL office but working for APC and using some of my time to support MFPL. We came up with the idea of monthly talks to discuss issues of interest to members - technical and political. We should think of adding projects/talks that might be relevant in Mexico as well. Wanted to run it by the committee to get feedback.

Mallory: concern about 1hr length - lightening or ted are good models. better to think about length in our promotion.
Hilary: The plan is close to that - about a 10-20 min. presentation with more time on the q and a - and be flexible about it. We can plant questions in the audience for more in depth discussion - to get to the issues that we want to discuss more deeply.
MV: Like proposal - seems fun. Good for inreach and outreach. A lot of cross over in terms of the committee - thinking about guests and publicity.
Hilary: How does that work logistically in terms of roles and responsibility from outreach committee vs staff?
Analia: Do people have time? Do you just want to be aware or more involved?
MV: No quick answer. A lot going on between now and the membership meeting but in the long term there might be more participation. Not easy to see how.
Hilary: We can just give regular updates to the list and then there will be opportunity to jump in from the comittee - but otherwise we will keep on trucking here.
MV: Moving on to the outreach committee proposal
Hilary: Proposal in staff, nothing formally written yet. Membership elects LC who appoint directors and then they appoint staff. Key working areas are support team, internationalization team. Outreach committee is part of the LC but maybe what we need is an outreach team. More open (i.e. Stephen's participation) so we have calls to work out outreach ideas, Lowdown, other things. People interested in putting time in outside of the LC - could be open to whole membership. It might be a weird working relationship with the current outreach team, so how do we put together an overall proposal. Good working plan to get people engaged in the work.
MV: Good idea. a way to get more involvement from a broader membership.
Mallory: a good idea to broaden involvement and broaden focus. A way for members not on staff or LC to come up with project ideas. When we talk about this team we don't talk about it as an outreach team but thinking about communications and membership.
An identified need - this committee has so much to do, the team could really implement stuff and staff and LC reps could integrate. MV: I like the idea of the outreach committee keeping it's existence. And the team staying separate.
Hilary: My question is governance questions - whose in charge of what, who makes decisions, division of labor, etc.
Mallory: A key question is getting people involved. An idea is what Jackie Smith did for the USSF. She organized writers to get them to publish on the website.
Hilary: This seems like a merge of the content committee.
Stephen: Outreach committee could be more of a coordinator of the team work. Outreach will help recruit and build teams and then help organize projects across the teams.
Support team is a good model to work with. Also part of our outreach to invite members to participate.
Hilary: We should set up the infrastruction then think about people to get involved, then announce at the membership meeting.
Stephen: This also gives non techies a way to get involved. We can start doing this via email - making better use of the list.
Next meeting - 2nd Monday of September - 9/9
We need a facilitator

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