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Who we are? We are french speaking so this page will be translated unsing the advise in faq/translate/pages

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#16792 5 weeks ago Jamie McClelland syntax or SSL errors when importing mysql dump into Drupal site
#16685 2 months ago fixed JaimeV New parameters for website
#15973 15 months ago JaimeV Need to have access to PEAR and Mail on my server
#15823 17 months ago fixed JaimeV Problema para instalar tema en Wordpress
#15056 2 years ago JaimeV need root control of apache to run Flask
#14359 2 years ago fixed optimal method for creating a drupal development install
#14353 2 years ago fixed JaimeV guidance on initial drupal setup needed ASAP
#14356 2 years ago fixed Jamie McClelland How are drupal updates handled?
#8361 2 years ago fixed How do you configure drupal and mediawiki for bilingual sites
#8278 2 years ago fixed Dana RFC: Drupal vs WordPress - Pro/Con Considerations
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Some PostgreSQL commands

  • $ psql postgres --command="\l" # do see DB on server and parameters
  • postgres:~$ createuser -D -R -S <UNIX user>
  • postgres:~$ createdb -O <postgres user> <database name>
  • $ pg_dump -Fc --verbose --file=<file name (.data)> <database name>
  • $ pg_restore --verbose --no-owner --no-privileges --dbname=<database name> <file name (.data)> # restore the data base as a different user eg. to clone a Drupal website

Javascript: from npm to bower

  • $ nice -n 127 ionice --class=idle npm install bower --save
  • $ nice -n 127 ionice --class=idle npm update #update!
  • or (like there is something to check here)
  • $ nice -n 127 ionice --class=idle npm update bower #update!
  • .bowerrc
  • $ nice -n 127 ionice --class=idle nodejs node_modules/bower/bin/bower init # to start a new empty .bowerrc
  • Install some libraries...
  • $ nice -n 127 ionice --class=idle nodejs node_modules/bower/bin/bower update --production #update!

Example .bowerrc for Drupal 7

  "directory" : "../../web/sites/all/libraries"

Install Javascript libraries with Bower package manager

  • $ nodejs node_modules/bower/bin/bower install --save ckeditor#full/stable
  • $ nodejs node_modules/bower/bin/bower install --save jquery#1.4.4 # Drupal 7 version
  • or (good idea to check)
  • $ nodejs node_modules/bower/bin/bower install --save jquery#~1.4.4 # Drupal 7 version
  • $ nodejs node_modules/bower/bin/bower install --save jquery-colorbox # depends on jquery
  • $ ls bower_components/
  • or
  • $ ls ../../web/sites/all/libraries

Example bower.json for Drupal 7

  "name": "drupal7",
  "private": true,
  "ignore": [
  "dependencies": {
    "ckeditor": "#full/stable",
    "jquery": "~1.4.4",
    "jquery-colorbox": "^1.6.3"

Example composer.json for Drupal 7

    "require": {
        "drush/drush": "^8.0",
        "ezyang/htmlpurifier": "^4.7",
        "kraksoft/colorbox": "^1.5",
        "pelago/emogrifier": "^1.0",
        "tinymce/tinymce": "^3.5", # remove this line, this version is not available through composer!
        "ckeditor/ckeditor": "^full/4.5.1"

Some Composer commands

  • $ ./composer.phar self-update
  • $ ./composer.phar update


  • Consider output to an (even empty) file a good practice allowing to check last time the command has been executed. This is because some subtle errors may prevent execution of cron commands, eg. see #11534
    ... &> cron/results/<file>
  • Consider nice and ionice to give priority to interactive tasks
    nice -n 127 ionice --class=idle ...

Some Drush commands

  • drush -v help
  • drush -v status
    • drush -v core-status
  • drush -v status-report
  • drush -v elysia-cron
  • drush -v core-cron
  • drush -v pm-refresh
    • drush -v rf
  • drush -v pm-download
    • drush -v dl
  • drush -v pm-updatecode
    • drush -v upc
  • drush -v pm-update
    • drush -v up
  • drush -v pm-list
    • drush -v pml
    • drush --status=enabled pm-list
  • drush pm-info <admin_menu|...>
  • drush pm-enable
  • drush pm-disable
  • drush -v updatedb
    • drush -v updb
  • drush libraries-list
  • drush -v l10n-update-status
  • drush -v cache-clear
  • drush -v bam-sources
  • use --uri="" then sending mail for simplenews
  • nice...

Installing Drupal on a development server (outside MayFirst)

$ drush help site-install
$ drush dl drupal
$ cd drupal-7.43/
$ drush site-install minimal --db-url=sqlite://sites/default/files/.ht.sqlite
$ drush rs

CKEditor for Drupal 7

Lets'use wysiwyg module

  • Supported Editors Matrix
  • $ drush dl --select wysiwyg
  • $ drush dl wysiwyg-2.x-dev
  • $ drush status-report
  • .../sites/all/libraries$ ln -s .../bower_components/ckeditor/ .

Does not work! Brobably because of symbolic links... better use .bowerrc to set target directory as suggested above.

Useful Debian Packages (Chelsea)

Note Altern-C

To keep in mind

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PHP Libraries


composer require hybridauth/hybridauth

Yahoo OpenID::

Microsoft Live::

  • Not clear if the domain root URL can be used as redirect URI
  • Using the domain root URL as redirect URI results in an error at the time of clicking the icon on the registered web site
  • It is not possible to register inside Microsoft developper website a redirect URI similar to the one used for Google, because some caracteres are not accepted.
  • one could try to make a simpler redirection URI which would redirect to the one simililar to the one used for Google.
  • microsoft oauth2 application id
  • Getting Your Client ID for Web Authentication
  • Mes applications


Drupal Modules