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Who we are? We are french speaking so this page will be translated unsing the advise in faq/translate/pages

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Development Tool

Pages we may need one day

Communication softwares

Web Conferences

File synchronization


  • keyword: symbolic link web dav

File synchronization / Git



  • $ dig +short


  • Consider output to an (even empty) file a good practice allowing to check last time the command has been executed. This is because some subtle errors may prevent execution of cron commands, eg. see #11534
    ... &> cron/results/<file>
  • Consider nice and ionice to give priority to interactive tasks
    nice -n 127 ionice --class=idle ...




Maildrop (deprecated at MayFirst)



Database Clients



.json validator

Javascript packages: Bower


Web Applications

Useful Debian Packages (Chelsea)

Note Altern-C

To keep in mind

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PHP (Libraries and ...)

HTML Slides

Radical Servers


HTML Programming


D (dlang) Programming

Event Dispatcher (Mediator Pattern)

Go (golang] Programming

Event Dispatcher (Mediator Pattern)

Java Programming

Event Dispatcher (Mediator Pattern)



Information Retrieval Software Libraries



Event Dispatcher (Mediator Pattern)






SQL Database Programming

Symfony Programming

SSL / https

Web policy (Google policy)



(11:19:45) LeLutin: nardberjean: bonjour, on essaye de se tenir à jour pour ce qui est des algorithmes de crypto utilisés avec SSL/TLS. on a encore RC4 d'activé mais une discussion est en cours à propos de ce sujet là. pour ce qui est du support pour https pour les sites web, tu pourra obtenir de l'information pour ton site en particulier en contactant le support. On peut installer des certificats pour les sites web, mais dépendant des services ça peut requérir une intervention manuelle. si tu as déjà un certificat acheté par toi-même ça simplifie le processus mais on peut aussi en acheter un pour toi (les prix pourront t'être confirmés par le secrétariat)

(11:30:44) just1602: LeLutin: est-ce que ce serait possible d'installer un certificat avec let's encrypt pour un site hosté chez koumbit?

(11:33:00) LeLutin: just1602: ça dépend sur quel service.. on est malheureusement un peu en retard là dessus. ça dépend surtout des outils qu'on utilise pour l'hébergement partagé. sur HAG je crois pas que c'est possible présentement (upstream travaillent sur l'intégration mais c'est vraiment lent). sur aegir on a déjà testé un module en développement pour ça et ça a échoué lamentablement, donc on doit attendre que le code du module s'améliore un peu avant de pouvoir intégrer, mais on a meilleur espoir ici que du côté de HAG

(11:33:16) LeLutin: sur les VPS ça s'arrange

Web confidentiality

HTTP Redirection

HTTP Cache (Reverse Proxy)

HTTP Extensions



Printed size issues

Encoding issues

Encoding flexible Generators


If the URL contains non-ASCII characters, it may be easier to add a redirection from a ASCII URL.


zbarcam can test on screen rendered QR-codes, from web or files, with an external webcam.

OpenID Connect


Website Performance indicators


Web browser testing

Package management (secondary)

MS Winfows

Mac OS X


NetBSD pkgsrc

$ sudo aptitude install cvs
$ mkdir pkgsrc
$ cd pkgsrc/
$ cvs -d co -rpkgsrc-2014Q4 -P pkgsrc # UPDATE this! See News on
$ cd pkgsrc/bootstrap/
$ rm -r work/ # just in case it is not the first attempt to compile
$ env SH=/bin/bash ./bootstrap --prefix=${HOME}/pkgsrc --unprivileged
=> Please note the following:

$NetBSD: MESSAGE,v 1.6 2014/12/05 14:31:07 schmonz Exp $

You may wish to have the vulnerabilities file downloaded daily so that
it remains current.  This may be done by adding an appropriate entry
to a user's crontab(5) entry.  For example the entry

# download vulnerabilities file
0 3 * * * /home/$USER/pkgsrc/sbin/pkg_admin fetch-pkg-vulnerabilities >/dev/null 2>&1

will update the vulnerability list every day at 3AM. You may wish to do
this more often than once a day.

In addition, you may wish to run the package audit from the daily
security script.  This may be accomplished by adding the following
lines to /etc/security.local

if [ -x /home/$USER/pkgsrc/sbin/pkg_admin ]; then
        /home/$USER/pkgsrc/sbin/pkg_admin audit

Alternatively this can also be acomplished by adding an entry to a user's
crontab(5) file. e.g.:

# run audit-packages
0 3 * * * /home/$USER/pkgsrc/sbin/pkg_admin audit

Both pkg_admin subcommands can be run as as an unprivileged user,
as long as the user chosen has permission to read the pkgdb and to write
the pkg-vulnerabilities to /home/$USER/pkgsrc/var/db/pkg.

The behavior of pkg_admin and pkg_add can be customised with
pkg_install.conf.  Please see pkg_install.conf(5) for details.

If you want to use GPG signature verification you will need to install
GnuPG and set the path for GPG appropriately in your pkg_install.conf.

=> Registering installation for pkg_install-20130902nb1
===> running: /bin/sh /tmp/pkgsrc/pkgsrc/bootstrap/work/bin/install-sh -d -o $USER -g $USER /home/$USER/pkgsrc/etc


Please remember to add /home/$USER/pkgsrc/bin to your PATH environment variable
and /home/$USER/pkgsrc/man to your MANPATH environment variable, if necessary.

An example mk.conf file with the settings you provided to "bootstrap"
has been created for you. It can be found in:


You can find extensive documentation of the NetBSD Packages Collection
in /tmp/pkgsrc/pkgsrc/doc/pkgsrc.txt.

Hopefully everything is now complete.
Thank you for using pkgsrc!


Gentoo Prefix

Desktop applications

Video editors

Software development process

String libraries

Compiled languages string library



D (Dlang)





Using a lib from an interpreted language…

lualib, perl6lib, jimlib, pythonlib (maybe slow to start)

Interpreted languages string library


Perl 6

FastCGI and web

Jim Tcl


C language interface



C language interface

GitHub Gist Instantly share code, notes, and snippets

ActiveState Code » Recipes snippets to learn from and use (Python, (Perl, Tcl))