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Who we are? We are french speaking so this page will be translated unsing the advise in faq/translate/pages

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#16685 4 weeks ago fixed JaimeV New parameters for website
#15973 14 months ago JaimeV Need to have access to PEAR and Mail on my server
#15823 15 months ago fixed JaimeV Problema para instalar tema en Wordpress
#15056 2 years ago JaimeV need root control of apache to run Flask
#14359 2 years ago fixed optimal method for creating a drupal development install
#14353 2 years ago fixed JaimeV guidance on initial drupal setup needed ASAP
#14356 2 years ago fixed Jamie McClelland How are drupal updates handled?
#8361 2 years ago fixed How do you configure drupal and mediawiki for bilingual sites
#8278 2 years ago fixed Dana RFC: Drupal vs WordPress - Pro/Con Considerations

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