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     1= Member Email Templates =
     3== Hosting Order Email template ==
     5This template is sent everytime a new hosting order is created.
     8Dear {member_friendly_name},
     10Thanks for helping build May First/People Link and supporting
     11our mission of creating a powerful social justice technology
     12infrastructure for everyone to use.
     14Below please find important information about your membership.
     15If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at
     16718-303-3204 x. 2020 or
     18Your web site address is: http://{identifier}
     20If your domain name is not registered or you have not transferred
     21your domain to the May First/People Link name servers, you can
     22access your web site via:
     26For information on how to configure your domain to use the May
     27First/People Link name servers, please visit:
     33Your password has not yet been set.
     35To set your password, please click on the link below. You will be
     36prompted to create a new password for your account. You will not
     37be able to login to any services until you create your password.
     41This link will expire on {password_reset_expire_date}.
     43==MEMBERS CONTROL PANEL==               
     45You can access the May First/People Link Members Control Panel by
     46going to:
     50And logging in with:
     52username: {user_name}
     53password: [the password you set in the step above]
     55The control panel will allow you to create and modify users, email
     56accounts, email lists, etc.
     60To copy files to your web site, you can Secure FTP into our servers
     61with the following credentials:
     63server: {temp_address}
     64username: {user_name}
     65password: [the password you set above]
     67For more information on how to use Secure FTP, please see:
     73If you would like access to MySQL databases or to Drupal, please
     74contact support.
     78If you have any questions or run into any problems, please don't
     79hesitate to post a ticket on our support system:
     84May First/People Link
     87== Invoice ==
     89Below is the initial invoice template:
     92Dear {member_friendly_name},
     94Thanks for your membership in May First/People Link. Your
     95continued support, both financial and political, drives the
     96organization, enabling us to continue organizing the Internet for
     97a just world.
     99Below please find an invoice for your membership dues. If you
     100have any questions about the charges, do not hesitate to contact
     101us at 718-303-3204 or
     103NOTE: This email is your only notification. You will not be sent
     104an invoice via postal mail.
     106May First/People Link
     108Sent on: {date_printed}
     110===CURRENT CHARGES===
     113Invoice Date: {invoice_date}
     114Invoice Number: {invoice_id}
     116Description: {invoice_description}
     118Invoice amount: ${invoice_amount}
     119Amount paid (as of {date_printed}): ${total_paid}
     120AMOUNT DUE: ${owed}
     122Pay online:
     126Make checks payable to: May First
     127Mail payments to:
     129May First
     130PO Box 1814
     131New York, NY 10159-1814
     136== Invoice reminder ==
     138On the 23rd of every month the following is sent out for people with outstanding invoices (the invoice itself is copied below this message):
     141Dear {member_friendly_name},
     143According to our records, we have not received full payment for
     144your membership dues.
     146(If you have paid within the last 2 weeks, then please disregard
     147this notice.)
     149It is very expensive to keep our servers and operations running
     150smoothly.  Without the prompt payment of your membership dues,
     151this task become very difficult. Please contribute to our shared
     152infrastructure by paying your May First/People Link dues
     155If you have any questions about your dues, or you think we have
     156made an error do not hesitate to contact us at 718-303-3204 or
     159May First/People Link