Member Email Templates

Below are copies of the templates included in this wiki to be collaboratively edited. The currently in use versions of the templates are stored in our subversion repository.

Hosting Order Email template

This template is sent each time a new hosting order is created.

Dear {member_friendly_name},

Thanks for helping build May First/People Link and supporting 
our mission of creating a powerful social justice technology 
infrastructure for everyone to use.

Below please find important information about your membership. 


We are much more than your web host - we are all members of 
MF/PL. Together we are building, in keeping with our 
statement of unity (, an Internet
and a world based on transparency, democracy and justice.

To stay involved as a constituent MF/PL member, 
send your organizations announcements, news, and events to and subscribe to our for our monthly 
publication "The Lowdown" at:


Your password has not yet been set.

To set your password, please click on the link below. You will be 
prompted to create a new password for your account. You will not
be able to login to any hosting services until you create your password.


This link will expire on {password_reset_expire_date}.


You can access the May First/People Link Members Control Panel by
going to:

And logging in with:

username: {user_name}
password: [the password you set in the step above] 

The control panel will allow you to create and modify users, email
accounts, email lists, etc.


Your web site address is: http://{identifier}

If your domain name is not registered or you have not transferred 
your domain to the May First/People Link name servers, you can
access your web site via:


For information on how to configure your domain to use the May 
First/People Link name servers, please visit:


To copy files to your web site, you can Secure FTP into our servers
with the following credentials:

server: {temp_address}
username: {user_name}
password: [the password you set above] 

For more information on how to use Secure FTP, please see:


If you would like access to MySQL databases or to Drupal, please 
contact support (see below) or view our database Frequently 
Asked Questions:


If you have any questions, please see our Frequently Asked Questions: 

You can also post a ticket on our support system:

May First/People Link


Below is the initial invoice template:

Dear {member_friendly_name},

Thanks for your membership in May First/People Link. Your
continued support, both financial and political, drives the
organization, enabling us to continue organizing the Internet for
a just world.

Below please find an invoice for your membership dues. If you
have any questions about the charges, do not hesitate to contact
us at 718-303-3204 or

NOTE: This email is your only notification. You will not be sent
an invoice via postal mail.

May First/People Link

Sent on: {date_printed}


Invoice Date: {invoice_date}
Invoice Number: {invoice_id}

Description: {invoice_description}

In addition to supporting our organizing mission of building a just and 
democratic Internet, your membership dues entitle you to a full suite of 
Internet tools and hosting, including web sites, email, database, and much 
more. For a complete list and further explanation, visit:

Invoice amount: ${invoice_amount}
Amount paid (as of {date_printed}): ${total_paid}
AMOUNT DUE: ${owed}

Pay online:


Make checks payable to: May First
Mail payments to:

May First
PO Box 1814
New York, NY 10159-1814


Invoice reminder

On the 23rd of every month the following is sent out for people with outstanding invoices (the invoice itself is copied below this message):

Dear {member_friendly_name},

According to our records, we have not received full payment for 
your yearly or monthly membership dues. 

(If you have paid within the last 2 weeks, then please disregard 
this notice.)

It is very expensive to keep our servers and operations running.  
Late payment of membership dues strains our collective resources. 
Please contribute to our shared infrastructure by paying your May 
First/People Link dues

If you have any questions about your dues, or you think we have 
made an error please contact us directly at 718-303-3204 or


May First/People Link

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