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Membership/Administration Plan 2014

Team Details:

  • We need to discuss how the team itself will function:
    • Level of involvement/requirements of participation
    • Task managers
    • Staffing and staff management
    • Evaluation


  • Goals:
    • Make sure we are compliant with all legal and fiduciary rules
    • Effectively manage budgets of all teams
    • Coordinate budgets between Mexico and US
    • ???

Financial Review

  1. External review to ensure financial competence
  2. Monitor budget – how to manage all team budgets
  3. Staffing policies and record keeping
  4. Other admin function?

Membership Policy

  1. At the Coordinators meeting on 1/23 there was a request to revise our policy on special memberships - free and low cost

To do: * Budget for Financial work

  • Staffing
  • External consultant for financial review


  • Goals:
    • Member Engagement
    • Member Awareness

Database Coding

  1. Identify all members by relationship to MFPL from core to periphery
  2. Invite core to participate in teams and projects
  3. Work on moving periphery to core

Engagement strategies

  1. “why I’m a member statement” from core members to use in outreach, website and promotion
  2. Meetings/calls with members
  3. Survey of members
  4. Privacy Statement project/Terms of Service – coordinate with Enrique’s plan
  5. People Links phone conferences peoplelinks

Communication strategies

  1. Need to figure out policy for how we communicate to members general news and updates
    1. Continue Lowdown?
    2. New strategy?
  2. Suggestion of quarterly membership report – updates from teams, financial reports
  3. Revise website
    1. Revise membership materials including:
    2. Benefits of membership (use statements from core)
    3. Easy access to ticketing
    4. How to use control panel
    5. Billing questions
    6. Member Engagement
    7. Team meeting schedule – how to get involved
    8. News/updates – Lowdown?
    9. Tech connections

To do: * Budget for Membership work

  • Staffing