Membership/Administration Plan 2014

Team Details:

  • We need to discuss how the team itself will function:
    • Level of involvement/requirements of participation
    • Recruitment to team
    • Task managers
    • Staffing and staff management
    • Evaluation


  • Goals:
    • Make sure we are compliant with all legal and fiduciary rules

Hire external financial review

  • Effectively manage budgets of all teams

Internal staff priority. Develop new accounting procedures for monitoring team budgets, payment and expense requests, separation between payables and receivables, etc.

  • Coordinate budgets between Mexico and US

Work on strategies to connect offices. Will including hiring of administrative coordinator in Mexico.

  • Develop and/or archive formal policies regarding staff, fundraising, dues policies, membership policies such as payment policies, special memberships (comped or subsidised), etc.

Budget: External consultant for financial review set at $1,000 - 2,000

Admin and Accountant in México $2,200 a year


  • Goals:
    • Member Awareness

We seek to move beyond the perception that MFPL is a service provider. We want to raise awareness of our political goals and projects among our membership. This also refers to the Leadership's ability to know and understand our members - who they are and what they do to build a stronger network/community.

  • Member Engagement

We seek to find opportunities to engage with members to build our community, share resources, form networks of solidarity and contribute to the broader movement.

Database Coding

We need a more robust and dynamic database to gather and track more information about our membership and our relationship and our partnerships. The current plan is to move to a cvcrm system.

  1. Identify all members by relationship to MFPL from core to periphery

The goal is for collaboration and education targeting purposes.

  1. Invite core to participate in teams and projects
    Sample projects include "Why I'm A Member" and People Links
  2. Work on moving periphery to core
    Potential projects include specialized outreach, phone calls and meetings, invitations to events, participation in orientation or tech education workshops, etc.

Engagement strategies

Proposed projects to engage with members.

  1. “Why I’m a Member statement”

A way to define what membership means from members themselves. Start with core for internal and external promotional purposes esp. on website.

  1. Meetings/calls with members

Targeted outreach with members. Focus on identifying members with political or strategic value - network/coalition building, partnerships, etc. Utilize entire Leadership Committee to conduct outreach.

  1. Building our Privacy Policy Collectively project

It is a project to promote a process that could engage our members in the analysis of the needs and threats that our association faces in the legal field, defining responsibilities and rights in the relations members-association and members-association-third parties.

From recent experiences, we see how the law is designed in a way that denies to the core team of our Association the possibility of facing some legal threats in agreement with the member (or members) involved. And in the worst cases even put our Association as an entity that eventually could act against our members interest, for example, some scenarios include denying our right to inform our members about requests on their data. The strategy of creating collectively our Privacy Policy could bring awareness about the isolation that our legal representatives face in cases like when resisting authorities requests of records from a member.

Given the progressive profile of our membership, once defined, the Privacy Policy could eventually be a public statement on how we process DMCA demands, other take down and data retention requests, disclosure of members information and so on; and how we seek systematically transparency on such a requests and promote public discussion about the political implications involved.

Some of the important goals we would pursue with this strategy, after collectively building our Privacy Policy with our members, are to promote the public support to it in order have a stronger political backup when hard times come and, from the legal perspective, eventually use it as a tool in a court, in case we need to justify the rights of our members in our Association or why we tend to resist the isolation conditions defined by the public policies and by law that in some cases put perversely our Association in one side an our members in the other.

After discussing this with EFF, we came to the conclusion that building collectively our Privacy Policy will need a close companion of lawyers that would be able to orientate the discussion in order to avoid false expectations and to provide light on the different interest involved in such an statement.

We are seeking legal companion in solidarity to this project.

This is a proposal to the LC for evaluating as strategic, considering that MF/PL's transparency in this regard will be used against us sooner or later, just as the same transparency could be a step to develop better stages in the political ground.

  1. People Links phone conferences

Planning document available at: peoplelinks

  1. Orientation Video

Short, informal fun video designed to introduce new members to May First, highlight key features and provide some instruction on using ticketing system and control panel.
Budget: $1,000 for video production

  1. Survey

Fact finding effort to expand understanding of members, member needs and interests and additional details for database. Not highest priority.

Communication strategies

  1. Determine policy for how we communicate to members general news and updates
    1. Continue Lowdown? or devise new strategy?
    2. This will be a priority of the team to determine
  2. Quarterly membership report
    A special updates that will offer progress reports from teams, general financial reports, news and appearance/public schedule. This should be distinquished from other messages to member perhaps by using special tags: Tech Update/Membership Report/Lowdown News/Etc.....
  3. Revise website, particularly membership materials including:
    1. Accessible design and features
    2. Benefits of membership (use statements from core)
    3. Easy access to ticketing
    4. How to use control panel
    5. Billing questions
    6. Member Engagement
    7. Team meeting schedule – how to get involved
    8. News/updates – Lowdown?
    9. Tech support/skillsharing/new developments/trainings/etc.


  1. We would like to hire an organizer to assist with the outreach and engagement tasks.

Plan Additions

  1. Clarify specifics about the budget coordination between Mexico and US

Integration with mexico One of the most challenging team - all past budget numbers come from us numbers – mexico bank account numbers, not included in totals

we have 2 bank accounts and 2 legal organizations – one in US and one in Mexico – the media jumpstart/mx- coop

Need to identify how to transfer money between US and Mexico How to deal effectively with higher tax rates esp. from Mexico

  1. Think strategically about how we define our identity and how we facilitate these conversations.

opportunity and challenge around identity

develop Mexican identity around membership cross border identity not obvious how this will happen – how to determine how this will happen

  1. We need to identify issues between paid work and volunteer work

we should strive to hire consultants who are members of mfpl for example, video production organizations and videographers

  1. website: need to coordinate website redesign between all teams

creation of special work committee to coordinate this project Or move this discussion to the Coordinator Committee

  1. add to communication strategies – working with other teams – outreach and support and international to connect our in-reach and out-reach

In terms of budget, we cut the 2nd staff position

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