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How do I create a backup account for a member?

The steps for creating a backup account for a member are:

  1. Find a backup server with available space.
  2. As root@BACKUP_SERVER do
    useradd MEMBER_NAME-sync
  3. Create a backup directory for the MEMBER_NAME-sync user at /home/members/MEMBERNAME-sync/backups
    mkdir -p /home/members/MEMBER_NAME-sync/backups
  4. Change ownership of that directory to the MEMBER_NAME-sync user.
    chown MEMBER_NAME-sync:MEMBER_NAME-sync /home/members/MEMBER_NAME-sync/backups
  5. login as the MEMBER_NAME-sync user.
    su - MEMBER_NAME-sync
  6. Create a symlink to the backup directory from the member's home directory.
    ln -s /home/members/MEMBER_NAME-sync/backups backups
  7. Add the rsa key for the user or their monkeysphere/gpg user id to the /home/MEMBER-NAME-sync/.ssh/authorized_keys file or /home/MEMBER-NAME-sync/.monkeysphere/authorized_user_ids file respectively. Then run
     monkeysphere-authentication u MEMBER_NAME-sync

The member should now be able to ssh into the server with ssh If they can, then your task is complete!