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This space is dedicating to documenting How To's about Free and Open technology. It can be related to aspects that relate directly software you can install on MFPL servers with your membership, as well as, software you can use on your computer. This space is also for documenting How To's for managing servers and supporting members requests.

Get Help

MayFirst is a largely volunteer-run group. As such, getting help should be seen from the perspective of mutual aid as much as possible. Offer what you can, ask for what you need. More can be found in the Membership Agreement.

The first step in getting help is to search this wiki. It has a lot of helpful information and hopefully there is already a page answering your question. :fingers crossed:

If you can't find what you're looking for in the wiki, you can create a support "ticket". A ticket is a request for help from the MayFirst technical team.

To do this, click the "New Ticket" link towards the top of the page.


The information shared here is just a beginning to what Free and Open technology available for use. There is a plethora of tools available to us, a few good resources to explore to find open technology alternatives include:


Share resources and knowledge about software that can be installed on MFPL servers for your website, organization communication, archiving and sharing documents and more.


Share resources and knowledge about software that can be installed on your computer as a replacement to commercial/proprietary tools.

Operating Systems

If you are searching for free and open source software, you may be interested in exploring operating systems to run on your computer.


This section is to document how to manage and troubleshoot issues on MFPL servers.

Structure Content on this Wiki

Please use this structure 'how to' to help guide how to organize content and have it shared across the wiki dynamically.

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