How do I create a backup account for a member?

The steps for creating a backup account for a member are:

  • Use (for now).
  • Edit the iz.pp file in puppet
  • Add a stanza in the following format:
  m_backupninja::server::configure_member_backup{ "$group":
    username => "$username",
    ssh_key => "$ssh_key"

$group should be replaced by the member's short group name (if you are not sure what that is - you can login to their mosh. It's the name in their sites directory that comes after /home/members/ (e.g. May First's directory is: /home/members/ and "mayfirst" is our group name).

$username should be the login used on the backup server. The easiest format is to add "-sync" to their group name (e.g. mayfirst-sync).

$ssh_key should be the ssh public key that provide to you, including the "ssh-rsa" part at the beginning and (optionally) including the user@domain tag at at the end.

  • Commit your changes, push the changes to origin and then to iz.

The member should now be able to ssh into the server with ssh $ You may direct them to the user's backup help page.

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