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May First/People Link uses puppet to manage our network of servers. With puppet, we describe how our servers should be configured in an easy to read and maintain way and puppet ensures that all of our servers implement the configuration we describe. Using puppet, we can easily setup new servers and ensure that our existing servers are all configured in standard and predictable way.

puppet has a steep learning curve. This page provides links to all MF/PL documentation on our puppet setup

checking out the code

Anyone can checkout our puppet files read-only. Members of the support team can checkout read/write copies. Checking out the code is the first step to familiarizing yourself with our puppet setup.

understanding the code

We have taken a non-traditional approach deploying puppet. You will need to read our explanation of how our puppet code is organized and deployed.

setting up a development environment

If you'd like to test changes, follow our directions for setting up a puppet development environment.


A few simple tips on workflow will make developing MF/PL's puppet setup much easier.