Our auto-responder uses a sqlite database ~/.red.auto_responder.db to log auto-response sent messages. The auto-responder only sends messages to a given email address once a week. This can be confusing to members trying to test their auto-response messages as well as for general testing. Below are two approaches to run tests on an auto-response message.

This approach will delete the log message from the sqlite database so that you can send another auto-response message.

su - <username>
sqlite3 ~/.red.autoresponder.db
delete from log

This approach uses red to remove the message from the log.

su - <username>
cat ~/Maildir/cur/themessageyousent | /usr/local/share/red/node/sbin/red-auto-responder -d

Auto-responder relay

Here we could use some description about how the auto-responder actually handles relaying the message...

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