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Convert secret circle to private circle

Circles are a way you can create groups of people in Nextcloud to more easily share folders and calendars.

When creating a circle, you are given four some-what confusing choices about the kind of circle you want to create:

  • Personal circle: a private circle that only the owner sees and can modify
  • Public circle: a public circle all members can see and join
  • Closed circle: a public circle that all members can see, but requires owner approval to join
  • Secret circle: a private circle that is not listed publicly and does not show up in search results.

From this description, it seems that a secret circle is the way to go, since a secret circle is not visible to other members. However, if someone knows the full name of a secret circle they can join it without owner approval.

Unfortunately, flaw seriously compromises the security of a secret circle and therefore we recommend that everyone convert your secret circles to personal circles. You can do so by taking the following steps:

  1. Create a new personal circle (you can use the same name as the correponding secret circle)
  2. Add the same users to the personal circle
  3. Share the folder or calendar currently shared with the private circle to your new personal circle
  4. Unshare the folder or calendar with the secret circle
  5. Delete the secret circle

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