if we really want to regular users to stop using facebug and other corp driven social networks, we might want to start building a very good social network they can move to.

Here's a list of the main features we think it should consider to have:

Feature as in on
file storage interface not seen before
web based chat fa¢ebug or friendica or buddycloud or jappix
federated kune or gnusocial or pumpio or friendica
import/export profile plugin friendica or gnusocial
webrtc video chat friendica (we made a plugin for it)
Etherpad Lorea/elgg
ethercalc ?
Voting system Lorea/elgg, Loomio
gpg-encrypted mailing-lists Lorea
openid login gnusocial, friendica
Calendar Lorea/elgg
Sip bridge ?

How about an alternate network altogether?

A proprietary freeware torrent client, Tixati, has added a feature to enable chatrooms. These channels are totally decentralized and can be either secret or advertised. All chat in the channel is encrypted. Private messages between users is encrypted yet again. Since the channels are decentralized, a user can have a different nick in each channel they may choose to join. These channels also support audio and video streaming, the bandwidth for this coming from the users in the channel. The primary developer is largely incommunicado. I would hope that such an effort could be open source but for now at least it is not. This developer says:

The "Channels" feature of Tixati is a particularly good demonstration of how to build a decentralized networked application that supports very high throughputs whilst remaining cryptographically secure in a 100% decentralized environment. This includes a linear network-coded decentralized media streaming feature, which is secured by a homomorphic hash function and elliptic-curve signatures (the first system of it's kind to be implemented successfully.)

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