May First/People Link is supported by the World Social Forum to participate and organize the World Education Forum in Palestine, October 28 - 31, 2010. At this event, we will support the initiative to link the various decentralized locations within Palestine using free and open source Internet technology such as video conferencing, streaming, and live chat. In addition to working with the local organizing team and national committees, May First/People Link is a member of the WEF International Advisory Committee to help in the decision-making process and to ensure participation from our region and member base.

As both a proposal, working space, and evaluation, we plan to document our experiences with distance cooperation within a decentralized forum as an initiative of the World Social Forum Communications Commission.

The Democracy Workshop

Live video streaming, paired with live chat will serve to link the various locations in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Palestine 48, Jerusalem, and Lebanon during major plenaries, conferences, and opening and closing ceremonies. It is possible that self-organized activities and cultural events will also be broadcast. These live streaming videos will be available through the Drupal website although they can be embedded in other websites that support social forum media such as There are four distinct technologies involved:

Live Video


Stream Capture

Audio Streaming


Live Chat


Forum Expanded

Skype was used for the majority of the self-organized expanded activities during the WEF.

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