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    11= How do I upgrade Horde? =
    3 In order to get the most recent SyncML code, we are running bleeding edge Horde.
     3Horde is installed from Debian packages (all 91 one of them) on `cero`.
    5 Upgrading horde is a two step process - and we have scripts to make it easier. Horde is installed on ``. The scripts are available via [browser:trunk/configs/ svn].
     5In standard debian style, all configuration files are stored in /etc/horde - with a directory for each application.
    7 == Updating the staging installation ==
     7Our installation is ''fairly'' standard. Here are some points to keep in mind:
    9 There is a staging version of Horde on `stallman` which is accessible via:
     91. /etc/horde is under git control. Before upgrading ensuring all current changes are committed. Then you can see what changed.
    11 To update the staging version of Horde:
     112. In /etc/horde/horde/conf.php you can designate the username of the admin (`$conf['auth']['admins'] = array('jmcclelland');`). If you login as the user specified, you get access to the web interface for updating all preferences. After upgrading you want to do this so you can ensure the Debian upgrade process propelry converted your settings to whatever new formats and new options might be available. Since the /etc/horde files are owned by root and horde runs as www - the web interface can't write to these files, but it does give you the new settings in a way that allows you to copy and paste them into the files on the server. It's a good idea to go through each app's settings and address any warnings or errors the UI provides you with.
    13  * Secure shell into `stallman` as root and enter the /root/horde-downloads directory
    14 {{{
    15 cd ~/horde-downloads
    16 }}}
    17  * Update the download file. Enter the versions of the horde applications you would like to download
    18  * To download tar balls you want to install, execute:
    19 {{{
    20 ./download
    21 }}}
    22  * Change into the ~/bin directory
    23 {{{
    24 cd ~/bin
    25 }}}
    26  * Run:
    27 {{{
    28 ./horde-install-new-staging
    29 }}}
    30  * To get a fresh copy of the database, run:
    31 {{{
    32 ./horde-dump-live-to-staging
    33 }}}
    34  * Test by logging into
     133. In /etc/horde/imp/prefs.d/10-webmail.php we specify that all email should be handled by That will probably remain un-touched in the upgrade and will continue working after the upgrade but mentioning just in case.
    36 == Switching from staging to live ==
    38 After you are satisfied that the new code is working properly, you can switch the staging installation to live by running:
    40 {{{
    41 ./horde-cp-staging-live
    42 }}}