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How do I upgrade Horde?

In order to get the most recent SyncML code, we are running bleeding edge Horde.

Upgrading horde is a two step process - and we have scripts to make it easier. Horde is installed on The scripts are available via svn.

Updating the staging installation

There is a staging version of Horde on stallman which is accessible via:

To update the staging version of Horde:

  • Secure shell into stallman as root and enter the /root/horde-downloads directory
    cd ~/horde-downloads
  • Update the download file. Enter the versions of the horde applications you would like to download
  • To download tar balls you want to install, execute:
  • Change into the ~/bin directory
    cd ~/bin
  • Run:
  • To get a fresh copy of the database, run:
  • Test by logging into

Switching from staging to live

After you are satisfied that the new code is working properly, you can switch the staging installation to live by running: