Become a member of May First/People Link and make an important political decision about your Internet participation.

Website and email hosting with corporate providers strengthens repressive efforts against online freedom and weakens the communications of social movements. MF/PL exists as an alternative to corporate hosting.


Humans developed the Internet to communicate, support and organize. With nearly two billion people using it, the Internet is now more important than ever to our movements and struggles.

And never has its independence and functionality been more threatened by attempts at government repression and intrusion and corporate control.

Corporate providers support those repressive efforts; we exist to oppose them.

Visit us at: and join us by using the form at: And if you have any questions, ask one of us.


May First/People Link is the progressive movement's Internet organization, with a membership of over 2,000 activists in 500 organizations, led by a Leadership Committee comprised of members. We're an alternative provider, in existence for over 15 years, and a center for Internet activism and we want you to join us.

Who are the members of May First/People Link?

  • We are thousands of activists and community leaders in all sectors of social justice from around the world.
  • We all pay dues and then use as many resources we want and need -- websites, email, email lists -- all for free.
  • We use open, democratic support and help systems for open source software platforms
  • We protect and back up members' data like no other provider
  • We are the technology leaders of social movements such as the US Social Forum, World Social Forum, Climate Control, and the "open Internet" movement.

Some of our members are listed on the other side of this leaflet. Join us to protect this resource we call the Internet, expand its use and use its full potential: to build a movement that will save this world and build a better one.


Some May First/People Link members:

  • The United States Social Forum
  • Bolivian Mission to the UN
  • United Auto Worker's Union
  • Grassroots Global Justice Alliance
  • The Yes Men
  • Paper Tiger TV
  • Sahara Reporters

Visit us at: and join us by using the form at: And if you have any questions, ask one of us.

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