Internally, May First/People Link uses twilio to handle the connection between our voice over ip systems and the public switched phone network.

Our twilio logins are stored in keyringer.

Outgoing calls

MF/PL staff can make outgoing calls. Our setup is based on these docs.

We have a hosting order ( configured to manage the process.

In the Twilio dashboard, it is configured via "Programmable Voice -> SIP Domains"

  1. We have configured a SIP domain in twilio: This is the domain you use when configuring your SIP client to make outgoing calls
  2. In Twilio, click on this domain and add to the credentials list to create new username/password combinations
  3. Be sure to add the user you created to the Voice Authentication credentials list

Incoming Calls

Incoming calls are handled using Twilio's voicemail system.

Our phone numbers are configured to go straight to voicemail and an email is set to our info account with a recording and transcription.

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