All domains names are registered with a company known as a "Domain registrar." Some domain registrars include: Network Solutions,, Dotster, Go Daddy, etc.

Although a domain registrar can also be your Internet Service Provider, more often, your Internet Service Provider is a different company altogether.

Transferring control of your domain name is a process involving the company that is the registrar of your domain name. To find out who your registrar is, run a WHOIS query. Look for the line that says "Sponsoring Registrar."

When you find out which company is your registrar, you will need to go to their web site and log into the account controlling your domain name. If you do not know your username and password, try asking your existing Internet Service Provider (they may have registered the domain name for you). Or, email or call the registrar to ask them the process for accessing your domain name. If all else fails, call us and we can help you figure out how to get access to the domain name.

Once you have access to your domain name, you will want to change the "Name Servers" to:

If you are moving an existing site to May First, be sure to check in with us before making this change!

For more information about how DNS work, please see our DNS Registrar FAQ.

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