Server Reboot

Below is a template for a kernel upgrade server reboot

Servers Affected: assata chavez 
Period Affected: 2011-09-22, 10:00 - 11:00 pm America/New York Time
Date Sent: 2011-09-20

The servers assata and chavez will be rebooted between INSERT TIME RANGE on INSERT DATE. We expect approximately 15 minutes of downtime during this period. 

During the down period, you will not be able to use any services provided by the server (if you try to access your web site, your browser will report that the site is unavailable and your email programs will generate error messages when you try to send or receive email messages). However, if anyone tries to send an email to you, it will be queued for delivery and will be delivered after the down period is over. The sender will not be aware of the downtime. 

We are rebooting the server as part of a software upgrade to improve the security of our servers.

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