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Support Team Face to face 2012-11-03

10:00 (America/New_York) -

Jamie's House

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Disaster (in)Tolerance discussion


  • offsite backups
  • service advisories
    • single point of sending/updating that is colo independent
  • multple upstream routes fail over options
  • bring back all servers without physical visit to the colo or data compromise


  • multiple upstream routes
    • GSM (or other mobile) modem in each colo
    • second uplink crossconnect
    • direct interconnect between cabinets
  • SMO
    • db and config replication for SMO, with manual cutover and cutback scripts
    • read-only, non-login copy of SMO with modified template that makes it clear that trouble is a-brewin'
    • on-failure-display
  • backups
    • big beefy disk array servers
    • member CPE to provide other backup services
    • get mf/pl cable link at the lair
    • move sittingbull to the lair
  • UPS-backed low-power machine as console server, switch backed as well.